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One World Dental Association

Profile Photo Siranjit Kaur Dental Medicine 2019
Nickname- Simi.
4th year Dental Student
Profile Photo Rabia Shamim Dental Medicine 2020
Profile Photo Amer Shah Dental Medicine 2020
Marketing Chair
Profile Photo Sheila Trangchiu Dental Medicine 2020
Social Chair
Profile Photo Yasmin Akhlaghi Dental Medicine 2020
Profile Photo Kristen Sciolino Dental Medicine 2020
Plan and execute community service and philanthropy events. Publicize events and community projects. Works cooperatively with the council and community at large.

I am a 3rd year dental student and am a proud mom of 2 boys.
Profile Photo John Contreras Dental Medicine 2020
i. Reports to the President and Executive Board and Executive
ii. Work closely with UNE Director of Multicultural Affairs
iii. Manage and facilitate the chapter’s planning of a calendar for the
year. Calendar will include but not limited to: festivals, events,
holidays, awareness, etc.
iv. Work closely with public relations and philanthropy chairs to
implement cultural/diverse ideas to be included in events,
fundraisers, newspapers, etc.
v. Upholds parliamentary procedure: assure that all members are
heard – the minority as well as the majority.
vi. Interprets constitutional issues during debate and works closely
with the Sergeant-at-Arms (Secretary).
vii. Provide advice and support to officers; assist in events as needed
viii. Attend meetings and functions that require the presence of a
OWDA officer
ix. Performs other duties as assigned
x. May serve as proxy for the GAPSA Councilor at GAPSA meetings, as
xi. Cultivates and supports promotion of shared decision-making,
cultural humility: willingness to learn about from and with diverse
cultures; respect health perspectives, values, and wishes of others;
use culturally appropriate communication.
xii. Promotes respectful communication, assertion and advocacy
based on relevancy not role.

Profile Photo David Pier Faculty